Specialty Areas

Achieve Admissions provides college consulting services to high school students with a range of backgrounds and interests. Additionally, we have two areas of specialization:


Business and Engineering

With a degree in Applied Math and an MBA, a career in software and financial services, and experience mentoring college students in entrepreneurship, Todd enjoys suppor ting students interested in Business, Economics or Engineering.


  • What are colleges looking for in students applying to these majors?

  • What should I be looking for in colleges offering these majors?

  • How does applying as a Business or Engineering major impact my application?


As the parent of a recruited athlete and a long-time youth sports coach, Todd can help speak the language and navigate the unique considerations of student-athletes in the college admissions process.


  • Do I want to be a college student, student-athlete or athlete-student?

  • What are the difference between DI, DII and DIII?

  • How does the recruiting process work?

  • How does being a recruited athlete impact the college admissions process?