Hopefully Unnecessary Reminders for High School Seniors

Whether you have already been accepted to college or are still waiting to hear, as you look ahead to your final semester of high school, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Colleges base their decisions on the information you provide when you apply. If you are thinking about changing your second semester classes, in particular dropping challenging or core classes, have a good reason and be sure to clear it first with the college. Otherwise stick with the classes that were listed on your transcript when you applied.

2. Colleges expect students to continue to perform academically at the same level as in the past. It's tempting to kick back second semester, especially for those of you already set with college acceptances, but it's important to keep up your grades. Colleges receive mid-year and year-end reports from your high school -- don't raise any red flags.

3. Make good decisions, avoid disciplinary issues, and be smart about what you post on social media. Last year Harvard rescinded offers of admission to 10 students who posted offensive messages on Facebook.

I offer this as a friendly (and hopefully unnecessary) reminder. Colleges don't want to revoke offers of admissions but they will if circumstances require. Just keep doing what has made you the student and person whom colleges are looking forward to welcoming into their community!

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