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In the News

He’s accepted to college, but we can’t afford it: Playing financial merit aid roulette

Merit aid roulette is not random luck

Common Application Saturates the College Admissions Market, Critics Say

12 is the new 3. Students used to apply to 3 colleges, now it's 12... or more

March Madness win brings college admissions windfall

Everyone loves a winner

Articles and Posts

Why Applying To All Eight Ivy League Schools Makes No Sense

Don’t chase a label; find the specific colleges that fit your unique abilities, interests and aspirations

I’m sick of reading about golden kids getting into Harvard. Here’s the story I want to see.

It’s all about finding the right fit

From the Achieve Admissions Blog

So you were wait-listed at your dream college. What now?

Do what you can, then move on

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