Philosophy: Achieving Success

Achieving success in the admissions process does not just mean getting into a college. Nor does it necessarily mean getting into the most prestigious school or the one rated higher by some publication or this year's trendy name among your high school classmates.


Success means finding a school that fits your abilities, aspirations, personality and priorities. A place where you will be happy and challenged for four years. A place where you will grow and develop and become a person ready to make your way in this world.


Success also means making the process of applying to college as effective and stress-free as possible. With structure and planning, this can be a thoughtful journey and an opportunity to learn more about yourself while achieving your goals. So don't panic!


Important things to keep in mind:

  1. The right college for you is not determined by what's right for someone else

  2. There's more than one college where you can be successful

  3. Parents: Things have changed -- it wasn't like this when you applied to college

  4. Getting into college is a beginning, not the end!


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