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Newsletter Archives

January 2018

Admissions Corner: Early Decision Deferrals

The Disconnect Between What Colleges Say and What Students Hear

5 Ways the New Tax Law Affects Paying for College

Athletic Recruiting: Recruiting advice for current juniors

and more...

October 2017

Admissions Corner: Ten Things to Know about Early Admissions

A parent's take on Naviance: The college search software I want to destroy

SAT/ACT: PSAT and National Merit Scholarships

Athletic Recruiting: College coaches' biggest pet peeves

and more...

Summer 2017

Admissions Corner: Guest posts from the Georgia Tech Admissions Office

College Essays That Worked (repeated from last newsletter for students tackling them now!)

Athletic Recruiting: This is how college recruiting really works

and more...


May 2017

Admissions Corner: Why Teacher Recommendations Actually Matter

College Essays: Colleges share admissions essays that worked

SAT/ACT: College Board study finds that free Khan Academy SAT tutorials boost scores

Athletic Recruiting: Changes to Lacrosse and Football recruiting

and more...

April 2017

Special focus on campus visits

March 2017

Admissions Corner: So you were wait-listed at your dream college. What now?

College Essays: Changes made to Common App essay prompts for 2017-2018

SAT/ACT: SAT Subject Test Requirements and Recommendations

Athletic Recruiting: College Coaches Share Recruiting Tips- How Do I Get Recruited?

and more...

January 2017

Upcoming events in the Metrowest area

Admissions Corner: What a College's "Official" Acceptance Rate May be Hiding From You

The College Experience: Students Who Get Better Career Guidance Remember College More Fondly

SAT/ACT: To predict a student’s future success, look at their grades, not their IQ or SAT score

Athletic Recruiting: Parents: Empower your Athlete to Talk to College Coaches

and more...

November 2016

Admissions Corner: Keep your Top College Choices on the Hook with These 6 Application Tips

The College Experience: Liberal Arts Learning or Pre-Professional Training? Colleges are saying "Both"

SAT/ACT: Who Should Choose the SAT Over the ACT?

Athletic Recruiting: The Myth of the Sports Scholarship

Advice from "How to Raise an Adult"

and more...

October 2016

What college admissions officers say they want in a candidate

Choose a Safety School Wisely

5 Ways to Make College Tours Fun

The Ivy League Advocates to Limit Early Recruiting of Prospective Student-Athletes

Spotlight on College Rankings

and more...

September 2016

What Parents Should Do (or not) During A Campus Visit

Spotlight on College Majors: Liberal Arts and careers

Athletic Recruiting Corner

How to assess a college's competitive attractiveness?

and more...

July 2016

New changes in financial aid

Spotlight on the ACT

Business and Liberal Arts

and more...

June 2016

Supreme Court Upholds Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Four Top Colleges, 21 Quirky Admissions Essay Questions

An Open Letter to the Athlete We Must Stop Recruiting

and more...


May 2016

April 2016

March 2016