College Consulting Services

When you work with Achieve Admissions you can count on:

Expertise and Advice | Strategies and Tools | Objective Feedback and Support | Process and Timeline Management

Personal Assessment

We begin the personalized process of identifying "right fit" colleges by assessing each student's unique strengths, skills, interests and goals.

Target College List

We'll work together to develop a list of colleges that fit academically, socially, geographically and financially with your abilities and aspirations.

High School Planning

We'll help you chart a course for high school academics, extracurriculars, athletics and summer activities to fuel your passions and develop your story.

Telling Your Story

We'll provide guidance and objective feedback so that your application essays, activities resume and interviews reflect the best you have to offer.

Navigating the Process

We'll create a detailed roadmap and timeline to reduce scrambling and stress, including standardized testing, early decision, financial aid and more.


We work with students with a wide range of interests, offering additional expertise in helping Student-Athletes navigate the recruiting process

We meet with students in person or virtually, supplemented with email, text, phone and Google Docs