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So you were wait-listed at your dream college. What now?

So you were wait-listed at your dream college. What now? If it's still your top choice, accept a spot on the wait list. You have to take action, it won't happen automatically. Then send an email letting the school know that it is your first choice and why. Telling the school you will attend if accepted is important as colleges care about their “yield” and don’t want to waste a bullet. Include a sentence or two to remind the college how you will add to their classroom and community. Make it specific about a particular department, program, research opportunity or activity. No cookie cutter platitudes here please. Keep the college updated on any new developments such as grades, awards or achiev

Observations from recent college tours

Last week was school break, so like many of you I went on college tours. 10 of them if we're counting. A few observations: Observation #1: No one asks questions of the tour guide I hang back to let high school students engage, but inevitably no one does. At which point I start throwing out questions, which makes the student guide happy because they've given this tour 47 times and it gets boring just walking around backwards. Sure, some of them can be robotic and stick to the script. But many will share insights if asked, especially about their personal experiences. The info session said the average class size is 20, but how many were in your largest classes as a freshman? How did that chan

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